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The Art of Reflection: Owning your freedom to speak up authentically

In this episode, I chat with Laura Sato, a Certified Executive Coach, a member of the International Coaching Federation and a Charted Professional in Human Resources. With over 15 years of experience developing teams and including a decade in Human Resources leadership, she partners with growth-oriented individuals, leaders, and teams in elevating their effectiveness, self-efficacy, and ability to achieve results.

When someone offers you feedback, what do you do with it? Do you take it at face value, jump into action and implement the ask in the name of growth? Or, do you take a step back and think about how this new information might impact you?

This deeply reflective conversation is anchored around ways of speaking up authentically. We examine the different perspectives of how others might impose their desire to turn the dial and frequency of our voices, and what we can do to own our freedom to speak up on our own terms.

Laura offers us some expert advice and takeaways to help us navigate our voice in a way that rings true for us, through the art of reflection.

Topics covered include:

Reflective practice
Summoning your courage
Embracing identity
Aligning to your authentic self
Stepping into your worth

Connect with Laura:

Find Laura on LinkedIn: Laura Sato
Laura's coaching practice (coming soon): CLRTY Coaching & Consulting

Connect with Shobna:

Engage with Shobna on Linked In: Shobna
Find Shobna on IG: @soirette.connections & @lovesoirette
Learn more about Shobna's Coaching: Soirette Coaching

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