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Finding Your Voice

In this final episode of Season 1, I chat with Mary Chan, podcast strategist at Organized Sound Productions. Her story is not just about professional success, but about breaking free from intergenerational cycles and finding true freedom in self-expression. Mary's journey is a powerful reminder of the strength that lies in embracing our authentic selves and the courage it takes to step out of the shadows of expectations.

As we embark on this episode, I invite you to join us in a conversation that not only celebrates our diverse experiences but also challenges us to think deeply about our own paths to freedom and authenticity.

Stay tuned for an episode that promises to be not just thought-provoking but also a stepping stone in your journey towards empowerment and self-discovery.

Thank you for being a part of the 'Colour Me Brave' community. Your presence here is not just valued; it's essential. See you next year on Season 2!

Topics covered include:

Intergenerational healing
Finding your voice
Navigating cultural expectations
Embracing vulnerability and authenticity

Resources from the episode:

Connect with Mary:

Find Mary on LinkedIn: Mary Chan
Mary's business: Organized Sound Productions

Connect with Shobna:

Engage with me on Linked In: Shobna 
Learn more about Soirette Coaching: Soirette Connections 


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