My journey

Growing up in Malaysia, my parents always had big dreams for me. As a teenager, I was lucky enough to be given an opportunity to study in New Zealand. Leaving family, friends and everything familiar to me, I moved to Auckland, adapted to different sights and sounds, and started sowing new ties of friendship and community. While pursuing my engineering degree, knee deep in complex mathematical assignments, I mysteriously ended up in my tiny kitchen baking my nights away. It was somewhere between whipping egg whites for a pavlova and squeezing fresh lemon juice for a pucker-your-lips lemon square, that I fell in love with the process of baking.


My love of baking became an obsession and I began dreaming of opening a quaint pastry shop where I would delight my neighbourhood with creative and delicious offerings! I rode the corporate wave for a while, to see if I could shake off my baking obsession, but had no such luck. I packed my bags and moved to Canada after receiving my acceptance letter from Le Cordon Bleu Paris, Ottawa, leaving behind a life of stability and predictability, something I did take for granted, but was willing to give up, in pursuit of a dream. Luckily, my partner-in-crime of a husband found my 'adventurous side' endearing, and off we went. We have never looked back since.


Fast forward 10 years of jobs in bakeries and restaurants from Ottawa to Vancouver, Soirette Pastry Boutique was born in 2011. This would become the wildest ride of my life, with a 2 year old in tow! I enjoyed every bit of running this beautiful pastry shop for 10 successful years, before taking the next step in transforming the business from a brick and mortar store into Soirette Connections - a small business consulting and coaching service to support you, the creative entrepreneur with big dreams, and an even bigger heart! 


I bring 20 years of knowledge, industry experience and passion as a creative artist, business owner, mentor, educator, and forward thinker to help you fulfil your vision and goals for your small business. I can guide, strategize with you and support your small business, contributing to its growth and success. I can coach you through rough corners and unknowns, to help you gain clarity for your business and its future, under your leadership. I have been there, and I am here to help you adjust your sails to get to where you want to go.

Hi, I'm Shobna! I am a pastry chef, small business consultant and coach based in Vancouver, BC.

What we can work together on 

to make a difference

When I work with you

I like to make things easy to handle - for you, your team and your customers

I value personal relationships, real conversations and find the humour in life along the way with fun & creativity

My word is my bond. I value your trust and will find a way to support you through your challenges

I’ve got you - when the ride gets tough, I always go the extra mile


Vancouver, BC, Canada

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SOIRETTE inspires your baking adventures.

SOIRETTE CONNECTIONS supports your vision and goals for your small business.

Together, we are here to create, share and inspire.

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