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Breaking the Stigma of Beauty by Being the Change you want to See

In this episode, I chat with LJ Cajigas, a tattoo loving, modern bohème-styling, urban-hippie Artist is also a wife & mother to three dalagas & two dogs. She is the visionary, owner and artist at Dalaga Beauty + Wellness, a beauty studio whose sole mission is to break the stigma on beauty and self care standards.

One of the themes of LJ's conversation is balance. As a wife, mother, and business owner, LJ faces the challenge of juggling various roles. She candidly discusses various highs and lows, symbolizing the ebb and flow of her life. This raises essential questions for all women entrepreneurs: How do you manage your various roles and responsibilities? What strategies can you employ to maintain balance in your life while pursuing your entrepreneurial goals?

LJ's journey of self-discovery and cultural identity also offers a powerful point of reflection. As she embraces her Filipino heritage while being a first-generation immigrant raised in Canada, she inspires us to reflect on our own backgrounds and the impact they have on our identities as leaders.

Join us in this meaningful conversation of what it's like to be a woman of colour business owner and mother in our present community, and what shifts we need to make to stay true to ourselves as we grow both personally and professionally.

Topics covered include:

Juggling multiple roles
Inspiration for change and authenticity
Values driven purpose in life and business
Inspiration for Change

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