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Own Your Story: The Courage to Evolve by Listening to your Inner Wisdom

In this episode, I chat with Stephanie Duong, a phenomenal pastry chef and co-owner of Roselle Desserts in Toronto. Together with her husband Bruce, they run this fun and playful dessert shop that changes their products and flavours all the time, depending on what’s in season, and what they’re inspired by.

Join us on a captivating journey through the story of Roselle, a dynamite little bakery that made a big impact. In this episode, we explore the essential lessons of adaptability, community building, and the courage to align your business with your values. Whichever unique path you're on, this podcast sheds light on universal principles that can guide you toward a more fulfilling and successful future. Tune in to discover the power of change, the significance of fostering a loyal community, and the courage to follow your true north in the world of business.

Topics covered include:

The power of change
The significance of community
The courage to follow your True North
Write and own your own story

Resources from the episode:

22 Ways to Pull Through the Ups and Downs of Business

Connect with Stephanie:

Find Stephanie on Instagram: Stephanie Duong

Connect with Shobna:

Engage with me on Linked In: Shobna 
Learn more about Soirette Coaching: Soirette Connections

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