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Active Listening: How to listen to your teenager

In the latest solo episode of Colour Me Brave, I explore the vital yet often overlooked skill of active listening as a parent of a teenager. This episode is a deep dive into the nuances of active listening, where I share insights from personal experiences and research, inviting you to consider the transformative impact it can have on your interaction and relationship with your kids.

It highlights the need for empathy and authenticity in our communications and invites listeners to create a space of sincerity, trust, and growth. Through active listening, we not only hear our kids, but truly understand, opening the doors to deeper connections and mutual respect.

Topics covered include:

The power of full engagement
The role of non-verbal communication
Reflective listening for better understanding
Asking questions filled with curiosity
The empathy connection
Responding thoughtfully

Resources from the episode:

Pooja Mehta - From Secrets to Strength
The Skill of Active Listening

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