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How to be Unstoppable

In this episode, I chat with Jenice Yu, owner of , also known as F I S H, short for - Fresh Ideas Start Here, located at Market Crossing in South Burnaby, British Columbia. With a solid family background in the seafood industry, she has been supplying seafood to top chefs and home cooks since 2008 as a purveyor, butcher, and smoker. She is also a mom to her young son.

How do you become unstoppable? Jenice breaks it down for us. Through discipline, intense preparation and other practical strategies, this entrepreneur stops at nothing when it comes to serving up the best she has to offer to her loyal customers.

As a board member of Les Dames d'Escoffier BC Chapter, and the BC Seafood Festival,

she advocates for women in the food and hospitality industry, and supports her community with all her might.

Join us for a delightful, frank and hilarious conversation around entrepreneurship, being a Porsche with no breaks, and find out who in her family is the one person who breaks through her DO NOT DISTURB barriers!

Topics covered include:

Discipline and readiness
The power of listening
Stepping into your power
Pivoting to your advantage

Connect with Jenice:

Find Jenice on Instagram: @eatfish.everyday
Find her store: Fresh Ideas Start Here

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