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Garam Masala Diaries Part 1: Weave the tension into magic

Photo of Chef Aman Dosanj courtesy of Meg Froehler

In Part 1 of this 2 part episode, I talk with Chef Aman Dosanj, and we cover some deep and emotional liberations and pain, as entrepreneurs, claiming space and amplifying the passion behind the work that she commits herself to.

What struck me with my conversation with Aman was her raw vulnerability and the courage she mustered to speak her truth and call out wrongs to make them right. I witnessed her pulling herself out of dark and twisted narratives to then flip them on its side to evoke a sense of power and gratitude over her story, and the strength in building community despite facing struggles of inclusion. She takes us on a journey through family treasures, food security, biodiversity, racial scars, immigrant life, the sore prints of colonization right through to little acts of kindness, the service of humanity and the exploration of the concept of home.

Leaning into the hurt and pain experienced as an immigrant, listen closely as the tensions, struggles, the forces of mother nature and human connection are weaved into her magical Pop-Up Dinner Series, SOURCED.

Topics covered include:

Family legacy
Gender inequality
Immigrant life
Concept of home
Struggles of inclusion
Acts of kindness
Love of community

Resources from the episode:

Connect with Aman!

Learn more about Aman on: The Paisley Notebook
Find Aman on IG: @paisleynotebook

Connect with Shobna!

Engage with me on Linked In: Shobna 
Learn more about Soirette Coaching: Soirette Connections 


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