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Equilibrium of Happiness: Melding entrepreneurship with the joy of momhood

In this episode, I chat with Caroline Ngo, a pastry chef and owner of CXS Cakes where she creates luxury cakes. She also co-owns a restaurant with her husband called Carben in Ottawa, ON, and is a mom of 2.

We examine the world of intentional parenting as an entrepreneurial mom. Join us as we explore Caroline's inspiring journey, her challenges with guilt, overcoming external pressure and the physical manifestation of stress, and how those challenges presented an opportunity for her to make a shift in the way she runs her business and as a mother. She learned to make intentional decisions to become the parent she aspired to be.

This mindful conversation around the tensions of a working parent and choosing our own path of joy presents a chance to think about our own practices and reflect on the shifts we might need to take to find our own equilibrium of happiness.

Topics covered include:

Recognizing stress
Taking a stand against expectations
Coping with guilt
Listening to your own voice
Curbing the need to compare yourself to others
The importance of support systems

Resources from the episode:

Connect with Caroline:

Learn more about Caroline on: CXS Cakes
Find Caroline on IG: @cxscakes
Email Caroline:

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Engage with me on Linked In: Shobna 
Learn more about Soirette Coaching: Soirette Connections 

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