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Can I call you Jane?: The power of speaking up - shifting from shame to shine

Speaking up: Why is it crucial when it comes to staying true to ourselves and standing up for our identity, or for something we believe in? When we stay silent in the face of ignorance or disrespect, we allow others to define us. We become complicit in perpetuating a cycle that diminishes our worth. But when we find the courage to speak up, we reclaim our narrative and assert our right to be seen and heard.

Whether it's correcting the mispronunciation of our names, challenging stereotypes, or sharing our stories, each act of speaking up contributes to the larger tapestry of social change.

Speaking up requires vulnerability, resilience, and a strong sense of self. So, what can we do about this - how can we find the courage to cultivate the confidence to speak up? How do we shift the perspective of speaking up, from shame to shine?

In this debut episode, I discuss what sparked my curiosity about speaking up, and how it serves us as leaders and parents.

You will discover how to shift your narrative, and key practices you can implement now, to find the courage to power up your voice, and to shine in your authenticity.

Topics covered include:

Evaluating your values
Embracing culture and identity
Modelling behaviour for your child
Trusting your power to create change

Links worth exploring from the episode:

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5 Reasons You Should Speak Up (Even When You Think You Shouldn't)
Anatomy of a Good Girl

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