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Beyond the looking glass

In this solo episode, I reflect on a recent panel discussion I had the honour of contributing to, around the ups and downs of running a business.

As an ode to immigrant women entrepreneurs, I share some personal road blocks and struggles I faced as a result of deep rooted cultural conditioning, and what I did to overcome them.

There is a sense of purity and love in everything hand made. The minute a passion turns into a business, the daunting task of sustaining the business comes into sharp focus, demanding our attention and testing our resolve.

I share some lessons I learned from my own journey that helped me face the obstacles that were beyond the looking glass.

You will discover the power of the human mind, and how to change negative narratives and turn them into a power source for yourself, and some key practices you can implement now, to free up precious time to allow you to breathe, expand your mind, and cherish with loved ones.

Topics covered include:

Recognizing obstacles beyond what you can see
The role internal saboteurs play in our minds
Prioritizing wins and acknowledging your priorities
How to overcome hurdles with the power of positive affirmation

Links worth exploring from the episode:

How We Self Sabotage
Resources for Growing a Business
Diversepreneur Network

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