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Purposeful Check-In: A mid-year review


purposeful check-in

A mid-year review allows for some time to pause, reflect, and refocus for the rest of the year. Here is my mid-year check-in plan, and I hope you find something that resonates with you.

Revisit my vision:

I am taking a moment to reflect on my initial goals and see if they still align with my current aspirations. I will adapt, refine, or create new ones as needed. My visions may evolve, and I am ok with that.

Time for purposeful planning:

I am going to break down my goals into actionable steps and craft a strategic roadmap. I will set measurable targets and establish deadlines to keep myself accountable (and do this with my coach). A well-structured plan is key to turning dreams into reality.

Seek support and collaboration:

I have found that I thrive when I am in an environment where my community uplifts and supports each other. I will continue to connect with like-minded individuals who inspire me to reach new heights, and do the same for them.

Prioritize self-care:

I recognize that I am the heart and soul of my business. I will continue to enjoy taking time for self-care, nurturing my well-being, and maintaining a healthy work-life balance. When I prioritize myself, I tend to show up as the best version of myself, and have a full tank to give to others!

Embrace the journey:

Entrepreneurship is full of ups and downs. I will embrace the challenges, learn from setbacks, and celebrate every win, no matter how small (my coach is REALLY great at reminding me of these). Every experience is an opportunity for growth and learning.

Let's reflect together:

What have you done to celebrate your achievements that you are most proud of in the past six months?
What were the biggest challenges you faced this year - are they still hindering your progress?
What opportunities do you see for growth or expansion in the coming months?
Looking ahead, what do you need to put in place to work on your goals for the remainder of the year?
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