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Organizational Workflow

"Systems are not in place -

mistakes are being made and it's

costing me!"


Together, we will identify gaps and its causes in the current processes where you feel performance is lagging

Work on optimizing and simplifying processes, and create measurable goals and work on an action plan to implement collaborative solutions to improve efficiency while delivering a consistent and higher quality product and service


Team Building

"I have a great team, but sometimes, it feels difficult to keep them engaged and it's affecting the team morale my business”


Form key strategies and action plans to put in place to nurture your team members individually so that they succeed collectively, while keeping them motivated

Provide personal and professional training sessions for individual team members and the team as a whole, inspiring them with effective communication and trust to engage and motivate your team

Customer Service Enhancement

"How do I give my customers the best service I possibly can?"

Conduct training sessions where we cover key lessons that you and your team can implement straight away and turn every interaction into a special one with a long lasting impression


Provide key steps to discover what it takes to respond to reviews and complaints in a professional and yet personable manner so that your customer knows how much they are appreciated, and show you how to win their trust back

Product Innovation

"I have some great ideas but need a partner to help as a sounding board and to bounce off ideas with to make it awesome!"

Organize a brainstorming session together with where you can draw from my experience to create something unique for your brand and make you stand out


Provide  recipe development and execution plans, training the team from start to finish

Marketing Plans

"The months are rolling into each other - I have no time, and I am so behind!"

Identify what is important for you and your business to get the most out of seasonal sales

Device a clear strategy that a small business can put into action straight away based on years of experience going through the seasonalities of the industry, focusing on what needs to be done,

when and how

Mind-map components that tie into each sub-plan for a clear vision of what lies ahead so you will never feel like you're playing catch-up

Product Launch

"I have this great idea but have no idea how to make it happen!"

Work out the project details and design a plan to implement

Draw from  my project management skills to meet specific deadlines for a successful product launch

Take a deep dive into meeting key milestones and laying out a full launch design from concept to market, to ensure your amazing product gets a powerful liftoff and the attention it deserves

What I can do for your

Business Hot Spots


Strategic services to help your small business thrive

These hot spots are specific areas in your business that can have a big impact on your time, energy, efforts and bottomline. Let's take a closer look at how your business engine is running and performing  - together we can tweak or dismantle, if need be, and rebuild simpler, stronger and sustainable systems and processes that you and your team can implement with ease to help your business thrive.

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