Organizational Workflow

Let's create concise systems in place for your Front Of House and Back Of House to reduce Day-to-day stress points to increase efficiency.

Team Building

Your team is your heart, your engine, in your small business. We'll work together to build strong and confident players who believe in collaborative success.

Customer Service Enhancement

A returning customer is a friend for life - loyal, and will always have you in their heart, and the first to spread the love. I'll show you how to really take care of them.

Product Innovation

I love a great brainstorming session! Feeling stuck on an idea? Let's brainstorm together - We can create spectacular products that make your brand stand out and sing!

Marketing Plans

Seasons in our world work quite differently compared to a regular Calendar year. Stay ahead of the game and eliminate panic with a fabulous plan.  It's essential, and I can help you get it done.

Product Launch

You have an amazing product that needs to be in the spotlight! Let's design and implement a plan together and see that is has a successful lift-off.

Hello!  I'm Shobna.

Having made the leap from a corporate engineering firm into a world of being immersed in butter, flour and chocolate, I bring 20 years of passion, knowledge and experience as a creative artist, business owner, mentor, educator, and forward thinker to help you fulfil your vision and goals for your small business.

In the little pockets of time between work, baking and cooking for my family, I enjoy music (from Ella Fitzgerald to 90s hiphop/R&B and beyond), travel whenever we get the chance, dabble in art with my son and collect a copious amount of stationery. I am also a certified Marvel fan.


I'm a pastry chef who used to be an engineer.  

Wait, what?
Shobna Kannusamy

Welcome to this little journal of delights and stories. Have fun with the recipes - change it up a little, make it your own. Baking has always been about love for me. 

I hope this space inspires you to pull out your kitchen scale and measuring spoons, pre-heat your ovens and create some magic and joy in your kitchen. Enjoy!

Dive into the blog of enjoying the sweet (and savoury) life

Creating baking moments to share & inspire

A sweet slice of baking adventures, recipes and stories 

Bringing connections to life for your business

A comprehensive bakery-café consulting and small business support service providing innovative strategies to empower you and your team to create, share and inspire your community while staying true to your passion and vision


Working with Shobna, I had the privilege of seeing first-hand the depth of her creativity, the ease with which she connected with others and made them feel valued (employees, customers, clients, vendors, media), her collaborative nature, and her desire to create a working environment that enables people to thrive. She is one who inspires through her actions, while also helping others see their own potential by bringing out the best in them.

Catherine Chan

Visual Artist, Catherine Chan Photography

She is bravissima!

I had the chance to start partner with Shobna for the 11th edition of the Vancouver Hot Chocolate Festival. It was the first time working with such great Pastry Chef and all team enjoyed having her around. She is a terrific teacher! We are amazed with Shobna‘s knowledge of ingredients, techniques and capacity to foresee the outcomes. Her attention to details is impressive and we are so grateful she shared with us her expertise.

Maela Lovisetto

VP Operations, Sciué Ventures Inc.

Owner & Prinicipal, Shing Weddings

Lisa Lee

I have had the pleasure of working alongside many talented sweet companies but there is no one like Shobna.  In addition to her talent in the kitchen, I love how easy and efficient it is to work with her. She is  thoughtful, highly organized , creative and laser focused on her clients and customers. When it was time for my wedding, I shared my vision with her, gave her full creativity! This is the level of trust she builds, and I am so grateful we crossed paths all those years ago.

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Vancouver, BC, Canada

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