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Heartful Leadership for a Purposeful Tomorrow

Dynamic growth starts here.

Hello, I'm Shobna!

As a Certified Leadership and Organizational Coach, my mission is to empower you to lead with a blend of heart, purpose, and authenticity. With extensive experience in guiding leaders and fostering cohesive teams, I help you get crystal clear on your vision and leadership goals to enhance your team's performance and synchronicity. Together, we'll ignite a synergy that strengthens your leadership approach, instilling a purpose-driven and motivational spirit within you and your team.

Having navigated my own transition from a corporate career in tech to entrepreneurship, I bring 25 years of collective knowledge, experience and passion. 

Constantly curious and finding inspiration around me, I enjoy feeling the rhythm to music, crafting a meal out of anything from the fridge, traveling whenever we get the chance, dabbling in art with my son and collecting a copious amount of stationery, which brings me immense joy!

My Purpose

Create Connections.
Share Ideas.
Inspire Growth.

I cut straight to the heart of the matter with you and your teams. My focus is on forging authentic connections, igniting practical, innovative ideas, and fuelling genuine inspiration for impactful change that resonates with your collective vision.

Shobna's coaching services were incredibly helpful and insightful. Her calm, professional and kind demeanour helped make my first experience with coaching a comfortable one that I would recommend to any business owner looking to make mindset shifts that can lead to growth both personally and professionally. Her passion shines through in all that she does, and it's inspiring to be in her presence.

C. Chan - Visual Artist & Entrepreneur

Shobna has been a life-changing force in my journey.

I can't thank her enough for guiding me to delve deep into my business, and intertwined with that... life. I not only found professional growth, but big "ah-ha" moments. I would highly recommend sessions with Shobna to challenge you to think outside of your comfort zone, and dive deeper not only into your business world, but how that lines up with your life!

B. Mackenzie - Entrepreneur

Shobna has the innate ability to make me feel at ease while asking poignant questions made me confidently and honestly look within for the answers I that opened up my potential. She is a genuine coach that brings out the best in her clients and I would recommend her to anyone who is ready for personal and professional growth.

C. Chiu - Executive Leader


Why Coaching?


I support your growth and ambition through a thoughtful and creative coaching process of partnership, insight, perspective and clarity.

I help you get unstuck so you can gain traction confidently. 


You will be challenged, I guarantee. I will be there to help you navigate the discomfort, realign with your integrity and step into your purpose, towards your personal and professional growth.


My role here is to serve you. Your needs, your vision, your goals, your purpose. If you are fumbling, I will be right beside you, holding you steady as you lean into your power and connect with your truest self, and to lead in full alignment.

You are a hard working leader, go-getter holding it all together, with goals and a vision. What will you gain in a coaching partnership with me? 

I truly believe you are whole, resourceful, capable, creative and have unique gifts and potential, and I am committed to guiding you towards your individual path of self-discovery and purpose.

I empower you to embrace your imperfections, fears and limitations, and challenge you to own your strengths and dig deep to find your power. I help you better understand your values, strengths, and areas for growth, and aligning yourself with your personalized meaning of authentic and impactful leadership.

I am dedicated to co-creating an environment where you can show up as your true self, be guided through powerful questioning and leave with renewed energy, confidence, and clarity to bring about long lasting positive change for yourself and your world.

My Coaching Philosophy

Business clients

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