SEPT 3 - 21
As we celebrate our last month at this location, the team at Soirette are delighted to be bringing you our mooncakes this year - the Clair de Lune Collection. Mid-Autumn Festival at Soirette has always been a special time of year, and this year, we're so excited to be making it extra special. We have received so many inspiring stories about how our mooncakes have brought wonderful and meaningful memories for our customers families, that we were determined to make as many sets as we can so that you can enjoy your tradition of sharing them with your loved ones.  With this in mind, we have created the Clair de Lune set of our best from the past (and some new combinations!) to share with friends and family.

All mooncakes are fresh, handmade from scratch with whole ingredients, by order specially for you, please pre-order early as we produce a limited quantity every year!
Fresh mooncakes need to be refrigerated and can last for 3 days. It is best served after 30 minutes out of the fridge.
Due to its perishable nature, our mooncakes are not available for shipping.